The Brod Fortress and the Franciscan monastery in Slavonski Brod

The eighteenth-century Brod Fortress ranks among the largest fortresses in Croatia. The Fortress in Brod was built by the Austrians, in the period between 1715 and 1780, and in the town which was one of the most important strategic and traffic centers that controlled the border crossing with Turkey and connected the main trade routes. This royal Slavonian frontier fortress on Sava River, together with the fortified Slavonian baroque towns of Osijek and Stara Gradiška belonged to the great defense system on the border towards the Turkish Empire. The fort was designed to accommodate 4000 soldiers and 150 cannons.

The Baroque Franciscan monastery is well preserved and one of the most striking buildings of the Baroque period in Slavonia, with its cloister the most representative example of monastic architecture in northern Croatia.