Dubrovnik / Elaphiti Islands

Dubrovnik / Elaphiti Islands

Dubrovnik, a global cultural heritage pearl is probably best experienced – from the sea. Escape the crowds within the town's walls and experience this UNESCO heritage site from a completely different perspective. Post photographs on social media directly from the surface of the sea and everyone will envy you. The illustrious history of this city, based on freedom and trade, has turned Dubrovnik into a perfect backdrop for numerous Hollywood productions, and so it has become an essential destination for thousands of fans of various historical TV series.

There is something which generally remains hidden to many tourists, but for lovers of kayaking is a real treat. Namely, just half a mile from the city walls is the island of Lokrum, a nature park, rich with natural features such a botanic garden with rare plants, as well as a cave and even a saltwater lake and sandy beaches accessible only by kayak.

The name of this island was first mentioned a thousand years ago, and over the centuries it has been inhabited mainly by Benedictines, as can be seen by the preserved monastery, but also by Fort Royal built during the time of French rule. Legend says that Richard the Lionheart landed on this island, and the pirate Carajos also stayed here, whilst the greatest trace in the island’s landscape was made by the Habsburgs Maximilian Ferdinand, Rudolf and the legendary queen Sissi, who were the owners of the whole island.


If you want to go on a real maritime adventure, islands of the group of the Elaphiti islands Lopud, Šipan and Koločep in front of Dubrovnik offer an unbelievable combination of rich history, untouched nature and indigenous island serenity for your genuine moments of relaxation. The possibility of a transfer to the island of Lopud and a tour of all three islands in one day is an ideal combination for adventurers without much time available, however, many agencies also offer multi-day tours of these islands, and regarding the small distances, the tours are not too demanding.


Considering that the Elaphiti Islands were the rural residence of Dubrovnik’s nobility, each of them is adorned with beautiful architecture, unique summerhouses, numerous churches and palaces and nature which on each island offers something different and invite you to explore it, however, you will have to find the right word for that yourself on one of the most beautiful kayak tours in the Adriatic.