Kornati / Telašćica

Kornati / Telašćica

The number of 89 islands and islets over 220 square kilometres maybe doesn’t reveal much to you about the beauty of the Kornati archipelago, however, the exceptional biodiversity of this national park is impossible to express even in words. The richness of these pearls scattered in the open sea is not only of a geological origin but it has also emerged through the coexistence of man and untouched nature in these inaccessible and barren terrains.


The Kornati can only be reached by sea, and this is by a single boat connection that comes from the town of Sali on Dugi Otok. Therefore, it is the best place to start a kayaking tour into the Nature Park Telašćica, the largest natural harbour in the Adriatic surrounded by thirteen small islands which are the home of many protected plant and animal species, and the saltwater and therapeutic lake right next to the sea is a unique attraction in the Adriatic.

If you are prepared for a multi-day paddle, you can arrange it with one of the agencies from the surrounding islands because this is the best way you will manage to catch the genius loci of the Kornati.

Luka Tambača

The closeness of the shore, yet the absence of people, the unbeaten paths and life which follows the rhythm of nature which is in harmony with it, make the Kornati an impressive landscape which will feed your soul, whilst the well-known hosts with their locally grown food and indigenous recipes will also feed your tired body after a tiring day.

You can also visit small fishing villages which date from Antiquity plus turrets and churches from the Middle Ages, because here the stone like nowhere else writes the history of the people who have lived in this barren region.


So, prepare all your senses to feel new sensations, because there follows kayak paddling along steep cliffs which from the deep crystal blue water rise above the sea like a kind of stone skyscraper or along vast pastures enclosed with more than three hundred kilometres of drystone walls, whilst amidst them small oases of olive trees which have grown here for centuries. The approach to the impressive cliffs is reserved only for kayakers, and then there is the unique free climbing from the sea and the prize for the most skilful - true cliff jumping! Such memories cannot be bought with any currency. Just imagine the rest of the scattered beaches and destinations amongst the islets for snorkelling and it will become clear to you why this tour, first of all, feeds the soul.

Antun Cerovečki

Although most of this is accessible from the sea, for a true experience it is advisable to climb up to one of the peaks and get a wider view all the beauty and dramatics of the Kornati, the most indented archipelago in the Mediterranean.