Freshwater and lake fishing in oases of peace

Freshwater and lake fishing in oases of peace

Ready for all the fishing challenges

Looking into the water of a clear lake or the bubbling of the waterfalls of a mountain river are an invitation to relax. Freshwater fishing in Croatia includes the beautiful nature and spectacular landscapes. The mystically peaceful Danube, Drava and Sava, the enchanting green colour of the Dobra, Korana and Mrežnica, for local fishermen the mystic Odra, the challenging Gacka, Zrmanja or Cetina. Croatia’s places for the perfect fishing are suitable at all times of the year and for all fishing affinities.


Of course, before arriving you must acquire a fishing permit. In local communities it is worth asking about the permitted fishing techniques, and after that start enjoying fishing in the Croatian way. These are just some of the places which fishermen from all over the world have fallen in love with.


The Gacka is a cult river in global terms if you are looking for a prize-winning trout. There are numerous legends amongst fisherman about these beautiful and tasty fish, and in jest it is frequently said that every casual traveller whoever threw their hook into this river has caught something. The secret is the success of the Gacka and its suitability for trout, which here grow several times faster than in other rivers, in the ideal temperature, the wealth of oxygen in the water and the 17 species which make up the basis of their diet. The Lika beauty is a real challenge for experienced fishermen, and pictures with trout "Made in the Gacka" are an original and valuable souvenir.


The watery “republic” of the Danube and Drava, in which the greatest number of fish species in Croatia live, is also a real Eldorado for fishermen. As many as 65! Although the mighty Danube passes only 137 of its 3,000-kilometre flow through Croatia, many will say that this is its most beautiful part. In many channels the catfish attracts special attention, some prize specimens of which can reach up to 100 kilogrammes in these waters.

Those fishing for pike and carp should look for challenges in Lonjsko Polje, where the Sava with its tributaries Lonja, Strug, Pakra, Ilova and Trebež offers ideal conditions for the development of large specimens.


The Kupa is also a special phenomenon and down its 292-kilometre long flow it plays many roles. In its upper flow it is mountainous, speedy and impatient, then like a mother of rivers it takes on tributaries in the hilly part of Karlovac County and gradually slows down. Arriving in the lowland it becomes serious before flowing into the Sava. As the Kupa’s character changes, so do the species of fish. In the mountains stream reign trout, grayling and huchen, whilst in the slower part of the current catfish and pikes dominate.

Denis Peroš

Of the lakes it is worth highlighting the largest Croatian natural lake – Vransko Jezero, where you can fish with a view of the sea which is just a few kilometres away.