Freshwater fishing in Croatia

Freshwater fishing in Croatia

Croatian fishing arenas

One wise saying goes: “Give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you’ve fed him for the whole of his life.” If he were to fish in the Croatian rivers and lakes, then he would have food for more than a hundred lifetimes because with so many freshwater treasures Croatia is a country of unsuspected fishing possibilities.


Regardless of whether it is about a little stream which will quickly disappear in fields, a wild mountain river which not even solid rocks can stop or about a low-lying river which flows lightly like an elegant lady, Croatia is a real water fun park for fishermen. The fishing arenas are open to all. Amateurs will hone their skills and professionals will have the opportunity to participate in many sports fishing competitions organised with the principle of “catch and put back”.


Experienced fishermen say that every fish has its bait, and a skilled fisherman has challenging rivals in Croatia’s rivers. The cunning pike, the giant catfish, the fighting grass carp, the fast trout and the cautious carp are just some of the 140 species which live in Croatia.


Fishing is a relaxing and healthy sport which can be practised throughout the year, and for fishing 365 days a year, the Croatian river catalogue is exceptionally rich. The mystical mountain torrents, lush green karst waters or spectacular canyons of Adriatic rivers hide brilliant oases of peace and quiet and the discovery of perfect places for fishing.

Sergio Gobbo

And after that follows the sweet anticipation of the pulling out of the bait. As we are talking about a possible catch, you mustn’t forget a fishing permit. And then the gamesmanship can begin.