Mystical creatures from the depths of the Adriatic Sea

Mystical creatures from the depths of the Adriatic Sea

Tasty queens of the pre- and postseasons

In mythology the squid, cuttlefish and octopus are synonyms for the mysterious and mystical creatures that unexpectedly appear from the dark depths and then disappear even quicker from the surface. In Croatia they not only inspired writers but chefs as well and they are tasty cephalopods, an essential part of the Mediterranean menu for centuries. In salads, baked, in goulash and grilled are just some of the ways of preparing these seafood specialities. Legends about fishing for octopus, squid and cuttlefish belong to Croatian tradition, and sports fishermen can try their hand at fishing for these slightly different underwater inhabitants. Coming into their own here are fishermen who arrive in Croatia out of the summer months because the preseason and postseason times are ideal times for cephalopods. The best fishing for octopus is at the end of the summer and beginning of autumn, squid are queens of autumn and winter because in Croatia it is said that the best time to fish for them is from All Saints Day to carnival time (from November until the end of February), and at the end come the cuttlefish who love the time from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer. As with all fish species, a fishing permit is obligatory.



The elegant eight-armed beauties are also called the “madams” amongst the cephalopods. Fishing for them is fun and not too difficult. Many things can be used as bait. Your creativity is the only boundary. Apart from buying artificial crabs, local fishermen fish for them with tennis balls or red cloths. The octopus has a very large appetite and in the sea it literally bites everything that moves. The best time to fish for them is early morning, twilight or at night, when this cautious resident of the sea bottom is most active.



Squid are traditionally fished with a special lure which is called a “peškafondo” from a boat but also from the shore. Real masters of the craft know that along with quality bait the most important skill is “skosavanje” (vertical jigging). This is the twitching of the hand which attracts the squid, and as with all other skills, practice and experience make a real squid-catcher. As with the octopus, squid are caught from sunset until sunrise.



The empress of black risotto wakes up in spring, like nature. Fishing for this master of camouflage is effective with bait of all possible colours, and as with the squid, the rule of twitching the hand can guarantee a successful catch. It is interesting that cuttlefish come in pairs, so if you’ve caught one the other one must be nearby.