Sea fishing in the Adriatic

Sea fishing in the Adriatic

VIP invitation for a fishing adventure

Since ancient times the Adriatic Sea has been used as a rich dinner table for the peoples who have settled these regions. Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and other conquerors have fed themselves with fish caught in the blue depths of the Adriatic. Croatian fishing was first mentioned in AD 995, and one of the most important Croatian books ‘Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje’ (‘Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk’) is a description of a journey with fishermen.


This introduction shows how people have lived from fishing on the Croatian coast for generations, and numerous traditional dishes are connected with fish and seafood. The reasons are many. The crystal clear seas, indented coastline, numerous islands and quiet coves send out a VIP invitation for a fishing adventure. A perfect sunny day is included in the price.


We can divide Croatia into five fishing zones: Istria, the Croatian Littoral, Central Dalmatia, Southern Dalmatia and the open waters of the Adriatic Sea, and more than 400 species of fish live in them.


For all lovers of this kind of relaxing sport the choice is rich. The rare grouper, the fancy John Dory, the fishy emperor the common dentex, the strong gilt-head bream and the dangerous red scorpion are just some of the species which are at the top of the list of priorities of all fishermen. Apart from the traditional fishing from the shoreline or a small boat, it is also worth trying traditional night fishing “iz ruke” (“from the hand”) as it has been known for centuries in these regions. It is said that fish bite the best at night. The secret is being patient and using a practised technique.

Davor Rostuhar

The most beautiful thing about sports fishing in Croatia is its diversity. Every place on the coast or island has its local “old fisherman” whose many years of experience and top advice very often prevails in the duel between the fisherman and a fish.