Dubrovnik Walking Festival

Dubrovnik Walking Festival


Third edition of Dubrovnik Walking Festival will take place from 1st to 7th of October 2018. Festival is primarily envisioned to display a different face of Dubrovnik – the one away from crowds, oriented towards local flavors and paths, with the sense of freedom, calmness and belonging to nature. Fertile Konavle field, picturesque villages, walking paths, old railway trail, vineyards, wineries, domestic households await you in a unique program designed to fit everyone – from absolute beginners to advanced hikers.

Dubrovnik’s inland as well as surrounding islands will take you breath away. Islands are covered in pine tree forests, lined with beautiful beaches, cliffs and coves. Each step of the way will bring you different scents of surrounding vegetation and the smell of local cooking (especially fresh fish) in domestic households that you can visit. When it comes to Lopud, trails are passing through rich Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, dreamy gardens and parks to the sandy beaches.

Koločep, a bit quieter than Lopud, is covered in pine, carob and olive trees with gardens in the shadow of fragrant orange and lemon trees. Two villages on opposite sides of the island are connected with winding trails, though which aromas of ripe fruit mix with scents of the sea. If you prefer city view, then Srđ and Bosanka trails should be your choice. Light to modestly steep trails will bring you to the top of the hill where you will feel you have the entire city on the palm of your hand. Not only that you will enjoy the best panorama of Dubrovnik, your views will also encompass Rijeka Dubrovačka, Elafiti islands, Mljet, Lastovo, Korčula, Pelješac, Župa Dubrovačka, Konavle, Snježnica, Orjen…

Another interesting trail is a historical one – that of an old aqueduct, designed in such a perfection and precision of inclines in order to bring the water to the City by sole gravity from 11.7 km distance.

Perhaps the most versatile trails can be found in Konavle area, from Cavtat to Radovčići. Unique natural surroundings and many adjoining trails allow you to start your adventures even from the nearby villages of Popovići, Komaji, Čilipi and Močići. The trail passes next to many excellent domestic households where you can stop and enjoy the autochthonous gastronomic offer or walk all the way down to hidden beaches such as Kamen mali, Zarubača, Puvalice, Bjelina, Vapina, Luka Čilipi, Pasjača and Penđa. Archeology and biology lovers will also find their interests fulfilled on this trail as old churches, shrine of Mithras as well as endemic plants can be seen along the way.

Even the old railway trail can be very exciting, passing through Konavle field and its magnificent vineyards. Many vintners have small wineries or tasting rooms adjacent to vineyards, so both hiking and tasting pleasures can be experienced here.



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