Korčula Sword Dance Festival

Korčula Sword Dance Festival


Korčula island is a unique treasure chest with two types of sword dance groups that are listed by the Ministry of Culture in the Republic of Croatia to be safe-guarded as intangible cultural heritage, Moreška and Kumpanjija.


The opening ceremony – 14. June in Korčula

Closing ceremony – 13. September in Vela Luka


The opening ceremony on 14. June 2019 in town Korčula:

20:00 - Parade of sword dance groups

20:45 - Opening ceremony of Sword dance Festival at Trg pomirenja  in Korčula.


Special guests - Historical unit "Kliški uskoci", Klis, Croatia


The full programme includes Moreška sword dance performances in Korčula performed by „St. Cecily“ Croatian Cultural Society and KUD Moreška, as well as Kumpanija single chain dance performances in the other places on the island.

As a part of the programme thematic exhibitions will be held:

Exhibition on Moreška sword dance – 15. June – 01. September 2019. in the Revelin tower in Korčula

Exhibition “Kumpanija from Vela Luka on Korčula island”:

10. August – 15. August, Church Gospojina in Korčula

15. August – 31. August, Culture centre Korčula

06. September – 27. September, Culture centre Vela Luka

28. September – 15. October, Port 9 Resort Korčula